By working on various projects during the recent years, we have obtained extensive experience in creating websites and graphic design materials. We primarily focus on creating websites that run on WordPress, a system currently offering virtually unlimited options.

We started with various online magazines, in which we were responsible for the content as well as the graphic design and technical side. Thanks to the experience gained during the process, we can now provide complex services in web-making and design. Apart from the user and administration environment, we can prepare all support and accompanying graphic design services such as logos, business cards or banners. In addition to that, we can also arrange professional photoshoots and more. You can explore some of our creations below, where some of the websites and graphic design projects we produced are displayed.


Explore our web projects as they looked when delivered to our clients. Their current appearance may differ.
vpservis.comMiroslav Charous2020-07-20T10:54:59+02:00
odyssea-films.czMiroslav Charous2020-07-20T10:51:17+02:00
rooker.czMiroslav Charous2020-05-26T15:15:12+02:00
apartmanyjanosik.czMiroslav Charous2020-05-26T15:17:47+02:00
loudpack.czMiroslav Charous2020-05-26T15:26:58+02:00
janjirasek.czMiroslav Charous2020-05-26T15:30:10+02:00


Are you considering a new website for your café, guesthouse or to showcase the portfolio of your work or products? We will gladly advise you on that and can offer the ideal solution tailored to suit your specific needs.


Explore our graphic design projects as they looked when delivered to our clients. Their current appearance may differ.
MMA bannerMiroslav Charous2020-05-26T15:17:02+02:00
Promo materialsMiroslav Charous2020-05-26T15:28:55+02:00
Business cardsMiroslav Charous2020-08-09T11:14:50+02:00
Invitation cardsMiroslav Charous2020-07-24T14:49:27+02:00
Music coversMiroslav Charous2020-07-24T15:00:43+02:00
Promo materials #2Miroslav Charous2020-05-26T15:35:35+02:00


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