We have extensive experience in creating websites and graphic materials, which we have gained in recent years while working on various projects. We primarily focus on creating websites running on the WordPress content management system, which currently offers us almost unlimited possibilities.

Our beginnings are connected mainly with several internet magazines, where we provided both their content and graphic page and technical page. It is thanks to them that we can now deal with complex provision of all services in the area of ​​websites and design. In addition to the complete design of the site, we will prepare all accompanying and supporting graphic materials such as logos, business cards or banners, and last but not least, we are also able to provide professional photography. You can see the results of our efforts below, where you can find selected web and graphic projects, which we were at the birth of.


See our web projects as we passed them on to clients. Their actual appearance may vary.
rooker.czMiroslav Charous2019-08-24T14:35:57+01:00
apartmanyjanosik.czMiroslav Charous2019-08-24T11:55:32+01:00
loudpack.czMiroslav Charous2019-08-24T11:58:19+01:00
banger.czMiroslav Charous2019-08-24T12:05:35+01:00
janjirasek.czMiroslav Charous2019-08-24T12:07:22+01:00
czexperience.czMiroslav Charous2019-08-24T13:21:56+01:00


Do you want a new website for your cafe, guesthouse or a portfolio of your work or product? We will be pleased to advise and offer the ideal solution tailor-made.


See our graphic projects in the state we passed them on to clients. Their actual appearance may vary.
MMA bannerMiroslav Charous2019-08-24T11:53:38+01:00
Promo materialsMiroslav Charous2019-08-24T12:03:55+01:00
Business cardMiroslav Charous2019-08-24T13:19:41+01:00
Invitation cardMiroslav Charous2019-08-24T13:32:43+01:00
Throwback – coverMiroslav Charous2019-08-24T13:34:36+01:00
Promo materials #2Miroslav Charous2019-08-24T14:05:05+01:00


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